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nene // 21

neurodivergent + psychotic

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hello ! you can call me nene, or whatever you want really ! I use mostly they/them pronouns, but honestly I don't usually care what names or pronouns people use for me (´-ω-`) I'm asexual and possibly aromantic (though I do enjoy simping for a particular ourple-headed genshin wanderer, ehe~)
things to know about me
I have a severe tremor that may be visible in any tiktok videos or drawings I produce, due to taking a number of psychotropic medications.
I'm genderfluid, so i vary between states of feeling more masculine and more feminine !
I'm autistic, so I might talk about weird or uncomfortable subjects, or just be generally awkward and have some "strange" opinions.
I've got a lot of sh//t going on upstairs, –both physically and mentally– so please be patient with me and my tendency to drop off the face of the earth (´。• ᵕ •。`) (except on priv. I'm almost always on priv)
my hobbies
japanese fashion, attempting to play videogames, cosplaying + anime conventions, drawing, photography, playing piano and guitar, theatre, making itabags, writing fanfics and original stories, and collecting anime toys and merch ( ⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝)
scaramouche (note: he is my ourple sweet potato scrunkly, but I also kin him a lil (´-ω-`);;) , tartaglia/childe, and venti (genshin impact), rina tennoji (lovelive nijigaku), sunny (omori), bee (bee and puppycat), chu² (bandori), aine yuki (aikatsu friends), rikka takanashi (chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai) mia ageha (pretty rhythm dear my future), (note: list incomplete)
my interests
current hyperfixation: jirai kei/ryousangata (sub: genshin :| )
genshin impact, omori, love live, aikatsu, bandori, bee and puppycat, vtubers, precure, pretty series, project sekai, pokemon, chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai, tokyo mew mew, jibaku shounen hanako-kun, and the promised neverland.
please don't interact if you ship incest or sexualize characters who are minors. I really prefer not to see that stuff on my timeline. please don't interact if you participate in proship vs anti discourse. I don't engage in any nsfw behavior (I'm asexual), but if you're a minor and my age makes you uncomfortable, I understand if you don't want to follow me back. oh, and don't follow me if you're a lawyer/law student ! (/hj /lh)

thank you for reading, I hope you have a nice day/afternoon/night :)